Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE)

NVE is a directorate under the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy with responsibility for the management of the nation’s water and energy resources. It is the duty of NVE to ensure an integrated and environmentally sound management of the nation’s water resources, to promote an efficient energy market and cost efficient energy systems, and to promote efficient use of energy. NVE plays a central role in flood and accident control planning and operates the national flood, landslide and avalanche forecast. NVE is based in Oslo and has 5 regional offices and has approximately 600 employees.

About 10 people are involved in cartography related work. The main products are made for NVE’s map applications on Web, like NVE Atlas ( and xGeo ( In addition, a range of thematic maps are produces to be used in reports, books and presentations. Such products may be avalanche susceptibility maps, areas prone to flooding or catchments with river network and hydropower plants.

NVE Atlas
Flood prone areas and avalanche and rock fall susceptibility areas for Notodden, presented in NVE Atlas,
Snow depth for Southern Norway 24 April 2015 presented in xGeo , a precautionary tool for notification and emergency.

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