Statskog SF is Norwegians largest landowner managing about 1/5 of Norways mainland, or about 59000 km2. Statskog SF is state owned by the ministry of agriculture and has about 20 offices with its head office in Namsos, Nord-Trøndelag. The company’s main business areas are resource management, forestry, property management and development, and providing hunting and fishing areas to the public.

Statskog SF started in 2009 a large project program called «Geodataprogrammet» which had the goal to establish and implement a GIS strategy, infrastructure, and solutions for all Statskog’s business areas so that the company could meet its goal as Norway’s most professional landowner.

The program has delivered 21 project through its period, spanning from establishing server and Esri infrastructure, to develop apps and solutions for offline use of maps and theme data. GIS is now a natural part of the business processes and critical for the daily operations. Statskog SF received in 2011 the GIS lighthouse award from Esris user Group in Norway, and the Special achievement in GIS on Esri user conference in 2012.

Statskog has developed a solution for analysing the demographic base for our properties and how many that has the potential of using our properties within distinct times of travel by car. These maps makes it possible to understand how the properties could be used, and how they should be managed. In Figure 1:

  • The red lines shows one of Statskogs properties in Hedmark county.
  • The green, yellow and red areas show the areas covered by driving time from the property in 30, 60, and 90 minutes.
  • These maps gives Statskog insight in the potential use of the properties, and how many people that is likely to use them.
Figure 1: Demografic maps for hunting, fishing, and recreational activities.

Statskog has developed an IOS app for big game hunters on Statskog owned land (Figure 2). The app lets the user see his designated hunting area, his qouta of animals, the road network and other map features offline. The app lets the user mark where the game was seen and shot, hunting posts, and other registrations in the map. They also can report which animal of the quota that were killed, and how much it weight was, generating an invoice of the animals that shows in the app ehen online. All this can be done offline, and it is synchronized with Statskogs central databases when online on mobile or wifi.

Figure 2: IOS app for big game hunting.

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