The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) is responsible for resource management of the oil and gas activities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) and the objective is to contribute to creating the greatest possible values for the Norwegian society from the oil and gas activities by means of prudent resource management based on safety, emergency preparedness and safeguarding of the external environment. NPD is based in Stavanger with a regional office in Harstad, has around 220 employees and reports to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.

The NPD has a national responsibility for data from the Norwegian continental shelf. The NPD’s data, overview and analyses constitute a crucial factual basis on which the activities are founded. Maps and geography play important parts of this work, and in 2014 we launched a new version of the NPD’s interactive FactMaps.

NPD interactive FactMaps.

Along with the NPD’s FactPages, the FactMaps provides access to most of what is relevant to know about petroleum activities on the NCS. Information on discoveries, fields, operators, licensees, wells, production licences, pipelines and seismic surveys is updated on a daily basis. The content of the FactMaps is also available as map services and downloadable data for those who wants to take a deeper dive into geographical analysis on the shelf and integrate NPD’s data in their own map tools.

GIS and digital map data provide endless opportunities for comparing and communicating such information. But paper maps still have their place. The FactMap poster “The Map”, , is  still available and very popular.

Den norske kontinentalsokkel – “The Map”.

Both the interactive FactMaps and the poster version have existed for many years, and in 2014 we also launched a Story Map presenting the CO2 Storage Atlas, a report on the storage and use of CO2 on the NCS made by the NPD. The Story Map presents geographic information with a close and userfriendly link between map display and explanatory text:

NPD CO2 Storage Atlas.

The Story Map way of communicating geographical information has also increased the interest of maps within the NPD, because geography matters!

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