Asplan Viak AS

Asplan Viak AS is a Norwegian consultancy company, which uses and produce maps in a variety of projects. Our spatial planners, architects and landscape architects have high competence and experience in using GIS and 3D visualization as planning tools.

Our own developed transport model “ATP-modellen” is widely used for public transport planning in Norway. The transport model can perform lots of transport analysis with length or time as cost. Examples are average travel time to centres, passenger potential and difference in travel time bus vs. car. When combining density of population, density of workspace and the public transport catchment, it is easy to see the missing links in the public transportation system.

Public transportation planning.

Asplan Viak Internet – or Avinet, for short – specializes in web based map and database solutions. Avinet is active within in R&D projects, and in addition offers a range of map based web applications for public sector, tourism and e-learning.

Web technologies.

Project based consultancy within map, database and web technologies is a core activity in Avinet. We provide a wide range of services such as:

  • Specification, development, running and maintenance of web based map and database solutions
  • Participation in national and international research and development projects in order to develop new knowledge and innovative services
  • Academic lectures within GIS, courses related to Avinet products and tailor-made courses to suit the need of individual customers

Another core activity for Avinet is the development and maintenance of a range of highly innovative map and database based web applications addressing various thematic areas. See more on

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