Geodata AS is the business leader in Norway distributing geographical data and technology in both private and public sector. We cover all industries from the Petroleum industry, through infrastructure and public services like the Norwegian Environment Agency, National Office of Building Technology and Administration to the largest Telcom companies in the country. Geodata has 140 employees. 125 of these are engaged in cartography/visualization.

Our main ambitions:

  • Geodata intend to be the best workplace in Norway
  • Geodata intend to prove that GIS creates value for the society
  • Geodata intend to be an innovative tech-company
  • Geodata intend to be the best in customer experience
  • Geodata intend to grow faster than the marked

We are sole distributors of Esri software in Norway and have a large professional services division making custom design, functionality and analysis. We base our solutions mainly on Esri SDKs and API’s and in addition of reselling software “of the shelf”, we make large geographical based solutions in agile projects to our customers. We have a highly skilled staff with more than 70% having a bachelor/master’s degree in Geosciences or development, and develop our portfolio of expertise through new projects, POCs and investing up to 20% of each employee’s time increasing his or hers technical- and soft skills.

Geodata aim to be advisors for our customers and in the market. We want to show the possibilities in GIS and visualization and introduce more companies and industries to spatial technology.

Core business:

  • Data – gathering and sharing large amounts of data through our own data cloud in Amazon
  • Cloud – Amazon and Azure – Software as a service, solutions for customers and integrations
  • Integrations – data and sources (lakes, different formats and sources)
  • Software – distributing Esri software
  • Geoscience – on premise and in our own projects
  • Development – custom development in up to date-tech
  • Design – front end and IA
  • Agile projects
  • Data science – Machine learning, AR, VR, satellite imagery,
  • Analytics
  • IoT – sensors, showing sensors in context and react on events
  • 3D and 4D
  • Smart city
  • Digital Twin

A few examples on products:

iMarka – an app showing cross country tracks with live updates from the track machines.In summer it shows trails and tractor roads. iMarka (Appstore) – Norway’s official database of cultural heritage sites. Containing more than 500.000 heritage sites, with administrative UI for history and maintenance. – for The Norwegian mapping Authority. We developed work flows with UI gathering aerial imagery and visualizing them in context, with historic data and functions for comparison (also in 3D).
Police Operations – A new map solution to increase efficiency and to see more information in context when an incident occurs, and to be able to share information with other involved systems or personnel.
3D clip and ship – from our own data warehouse in Amazon. A service building a complete 3D scene for a selected area. With, among others, structures, terrain and vegetation.
Maps and services :

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