Hans Ragnar Mathisen

I belong to the Indigenous people of Fenno-Scandia, the Sámi people. Mapmaking is one of several outlets or branches of my artistic activity. I have 7 years of art education in Norway, from Art school and Art Academy in Osolo 1971-78, in addition to study tours in North-America, South East Asia, Japan, Chine, Australia and Aotearor/New Zealand, lasting  several years.

Another branch of such activites is bookbinding, binding my owns sketchbooks, and art on paper collections, more than 100 so far. By profession I am a painter and a graphic artist (woodblock print and lithography), and freehand drawing goes through it all like a basic line. My themes are portraits, landscapes, symbolic art and also non-figurative art. Being a Sami it is not unusual top have abilities in several art activities, just like most Sámi are bilingual or more, as a consequence of being and Inter-Nordic and Inter-national people.

Below you can find some examples on hand-drawn maps based on the Sámi culture:

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