Geomatikk IKT AS , and (Only in Norwegian)

Geomatikk Group is formed by three Norwegian companies: Geomatikk, Geomatikk Survey and Geomatikk IKT. Together, we employ about 250 highly qualified employees. In addition, we have a sister company in Sweden, Geomatikk AB ( ).


1og2Geomatikk AS is the biggest company in the Group, administering most of the digital infrastructure data of electricity, telecommunications, gas and water pipes for the largest technical infrastructure owners in Norway. The customers send daily updates and changes to their technical infrastructure data which are incorporated into the data administering system developed by our sister organisation Geomatikk IKT. The data owners and engineering companies will then turn to the call centre of Geomatikk in front of any project where digging in the ground is necessary. Geomatikk then provides information on effected and potentially conflicting technical installations or networks owned by any of our customers. Whenever necessary, our field personnel accurately locate, identify and mark the underground infrastructure as part of the service.


geom_fig_3Geomatikk Survey AS, established in 2013, is the youngest company in the Group. Geomatikk Survey is a continuation of the surveying activities in Geomatikk AS and employs 50 highly skilled surveyors working out from 6 offices around Norway.  The company has a targeted focus on new technologies and efficient work-methods such as drones, terrestrial laser scanning, 3D-modelling and BIM. In addition to all traditional land surveying activities, we operate several UAV/RPAS (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle / Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) with both cameras and lidars. We also work with 3D modelling using terrestrial laser equipment with subsequent modelling in different software (including REVIT, AutoCad, Civil3d etc.).




Geomatikk IKT AS is developing systems and administrating databases and data infrastructure within the group. We sell several products for data collection and presentation on field equipment such as smart phones, tablets and hand held GPS devices  We have the largest scanning factory in Norway for scanning of historical/ technical documents related to building, planning and estate projects. All documents in our databases can be georeferenced and referred to from any GIS-system. We are one of Norway’s leading real estate and property taxation companies, using GIS for planning and quality assurance during the taxation processes.



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