Norwegian University of Science and Technology

At the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) there are Cartographic education both at Geomatics at Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Department of Geography. Both these are located in Trondheim. I addition there is a Bachelor programme in Geomatics at Department of Manufacturing and Civil Engineering in Gjøvik.

At Geomatics, the 5 year Master programme is focused on the combination of subjects within Geomatics and Computing Science. The Geomatics group offers courses within GIScience/Cartography, Photogrammetry/3D modelling and Geodesy. All together the GIScience/Cartography courses have a value of about 70 credits (Master Thesis included).

At Department of Geography a few professors are involved in teaching and research wherein GIS related methodologies and technologies are applied. 5 courses are related to applied GIS. Bachelor- or Masterthesis may also be related to GIS.

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