The Norwegian Coastal administration

The Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) is an agency of the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications responsible for services related to maritime safety, maritime infrastructure, transport planning and efficiency, and emergency response to acute pollution.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration’s most important tasks are:

  • Development and maintenance of fairways and fishing ports
  • Aids to navigation services
  • Vessel Traffic Services
  • Pilot services
  • Reporting services and navigational warnings and services
  • National preparedness against acute pollution
  • Exercising maritime legislation
  • Transport planning
  • Port Facility Security (ISPS)

The main objective of the NCA is to ensure safe and efficient navigation in the fairways along the coast and into ports, as well as national preparedness for acute pollution.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration has around 1000 employees in total, and around 700 of these employees are engaged in operative activities.

Of a total of 1000 employees, there are 4 positions working directly with geodata issues and cartography related work. The main products are different web map applications, analyzing ship traffic, routes at sea and different information portals. Examples on Web Map application from NCA is Kystinfo (, Havbase (, Routeinfo (, Kystdatahuset (, og Lavutslipp (alternative fuels) (

In addition to these public portals, we also have several, more specialized, portals for internal use.

Density map based on ship traffic fra AIS. (from
Shipping routes and local regulations in the Oslo fjord. The routes are downloadable in formats useable on the ships mapping system.(from

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