GeoForum, founded in 1969, is the Norwegian membership organization of ICA. This is the national association for people who work within Geomatics. The mission of GeoForum is to promote the use of geographic information, share information and knowledge, contribute to recruitment, build networks etc. GeoForum is an association consisting of a central secretariat and 15 local organizations. In addition, five centrally organized discipline-oriented groups are included in GeoForum.

Courses and conferences are main activities in GeoForum. Yearly, many meetings are arranged within different fields of interests. GeoForum also organizes an annual conference, Geomatikkdagene (Geomatics conference) where various Cartographic works are presented. Contributions to the ICC exhibition are selected from this national “competition”.

A national exhibition of map drawings made by school children is also hosted by this conference. The best contributions are sent to the Barbara Petchenik Children’s World Map Competition at ICC.

In addition to the central conference, many of the local GeoForum organizations arrange local conferences annually or every second year.

ICA bodies with Norwegian representation:

Executive committee: Terje Midtbø (Vice-President)
Commission on Education and Training: Terje Midtbø
Commission on Maps and the Internet: Sverre Iversen
Working Group on Cartographic Body of Knowledge: Terje Midtbø (Chair)

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